About Me

Dirty Lara

Hi I’m Lara. A dirty minded milf-girl on the internet. Nice to meet you!

I cam on Chaturbate – get a free account and give my room a follow to hang out with me when I’m streaming.

Sex is my most perfect and favorite escape from my own restless spirit. I’m not an exhibitionist, but when I lose myself in sexual experiences, everything else falls away. I’m not self conscious anymore. I’m consumed by the act, the experience, the moment, the fantasy. That’s what I love to do with you. That’s where I am most alive with the fewest hangups. The rest of the time I’m in anxious knots worrying my way through life. True story!

“Sex addiction is best addiction.”

– me quoting myself

It’s tongue in cheek because I think it can become a legitimate addiction and I don’t want anyone to do that or think it’s worth it to throw your life away or put sex ahead of responsibilities etc. But as far as things I am addictively inclined towards, sex is king. Or queen. Or some gender bending marvel of a sovereign. Depends on the day.

Here’s me doing my best to sum me up & what I think makes me interesting to people: I’m kind of a strange person with any interesting mind which is combined with a pretty face and a moderately sexy body and some fun skills and an attitude that makes magic happen. But I have my flaws and I’m shy about them. Some scars, a hernia, body parts that dangle merrily, yes, but perhaps more than one prefers, struggles with anxiety, depression, just being a bummer of a person in general – etc. But – I’m a 30 something mother and I’m busy paying my bills not getting new tits and I’m never gonna stop being a bummer, so that’s probably how I’ll stay – Eeyore-whore with somewhat deflated tits.

So let’s get down to the business at hand.

My limits are:

  • I will not do anything illegal and/or unethical
  • no scat play plz

I do do:

Watersports, anal, heavy pain, bondage, bdsm, insertions, fisting, roleplay, taboo roleplay, foot stuff, breathplay, etc.. I mean, I could write this list for a year.

One of the things I’m really good at and love to do is jump into private sessions with people. I often don’t know where they’re going to want to go but we always have a hell of a. time together. I love the variety, I love that you can tell I am genuinely turned on and this delights you even more. I love seeing you get off or knowing you’re happy, even if sometimes you skulk away in shame because we pushed some fucked up fantasy buttons.

Custom video project are similarly fun. Once we work it out and I know what I’m doing for you I usually have a little time to have it in the back of my mind to pull out now and again and think of things I will want to say and do and what is hot to me about your project and what I think will make you happy. That is a delightful process – hearing back from people after they get their custom videos always makes me grin. It’s such a happy feeling!