Videos can be purchased through third party sites for instant delivery as follows:

  • IndieBill – most complete video selection
  • – most of my videos
  • ManyVids – limited # of my videos due to site rules
  • Chaturbate – limited # of videos due to site rules *but* please note that fan club members get access to all the videos that are posted there and I upload everything that the rules allow me to.


  • Buy direct – This is a manual method so delivery is not instant. I offer bundle discounts as follows: 30% discount for 3-5 videos, 50% discount for 6 or more videos.

Models and friends of models: IndieBill payouts are 85%, you can have your videos on more than one platform. And if you’re super extra rad, use my referral link.

I just embeded the IndieBill store below for people who want to quickly see video previews – go to the actual store for browsing. 🙂